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About ThreeHill

ThreeHill Capital Partners is a private investment company with the primary objective of buying and running a small to medium sized business for the long term. We are fortunate to have patient and flexible capital that allows an atypically long investment horizon resulting in a true focus on creating lasting value. Our investor base is made up of highly skilled and successful entrepreneurs with extensive experience investing, operating and strengthening companies in this landscape. 

We at ThreeHill have a high priority focus on the "people" and "relationship" aspect of business. In fact, the genesis of our company's name is a testament to our roots: Maria Bissell, founder of John's high school Hotchkiss, was born on Tory Hill; St. Sebastian's, Tucker's high school, was founded on Nonantum Hill; and Middlebury, where both founders attended college, is colloquially known as "the College on the Hill" - hence the Three Hills of our foundation!

About the Founders

John and Tucker matriculated at Middlebury College in the fall of 2008, both as Men's Varsity Ice Hockey recruits, which is where their partnership originated. With John being the starting goaltender, and Tucker his main defenseman, their 12-year long friendship all began with being teammates, classmates and roommates. Their relationship grew stronger post-college, and after eight years of distinct professional experiences, both continued to have the desire to compete together again through becoming business partners, following in Tucker's fathers footsteps and entering the world of entrepreneurship. 


John M. Yanchek, Co-founder & Managing Partner

John is a co-founder and managing partner of ThreeHill. John brings over eight years of institutional finance, transaction, and structuring experience to the team. Prior to founding ThreeHill, John spent over three years on the investment team of ArcLight Capital Partners, a multi-billion dollar private equity fund focusing on infrastructure and industrial-related companies in Boston. Prior to John's experience at ArcLight, he spent over five years in both the M&A and Capital Markets divisions at Goldman Sachs in New York City. John has closed over $17 billion in transaction value across a variety of deal and industry types as well as across the investment value chain.


John earned his B.A. from Middlebury College, magna cum laude.  He lives in the South End of Boston with his wife, Caitlin, and their golden retriever, Ranger.


Tucker P. Donahoe, Co-founder & Managing Partner

Tucker is a co-founder and managing partner of ThreeHill. Tucker brings over seven years of corporate and business development, strategy and sales experience to the team. Prior to founding ThreeHill, Tucker spent his entire professional career at Putnam Investments, an institutional asset management firm, rotating through critical functions of the company including a management training program, investment product analyst roles, and global investment strategies teams. Tucker, growing up in an entrepreneurial household, also held many operational positions throughout his young life within his family’s businesses that included printing, distribution, and specialty manufacturing companies, among many others.


Tucker earned his B.A. from Middlebury College.  He lives in the North End of Boston with his girlfriend, Ellie.

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